Still image from Fragments of Paradise - Lost video Breath

Fragments of Paradise - Lost touch upon question of a fragmentary perception of the environment. Human senses face the fraction of reality filtered by the urge of the mind. Paradise - Lost observes fragments of different environments of plants on the earth and beyond, human-plant ethics, and finally, the imperative to ‘‘follow plants,’’ that is, to look to plants’ lives for inspiration on how to coexist with them and with others.

Lapping up sunlight, inhaling carbon dioxide, drinking in water, and releasing oxygen, plants literally make the world. Fragments of Paradise - Lost is fragment of ideas how to vegetalize our all-too-human sensorium (Myers 2014) and involve ourselves with plants in an effort to reconstitute a planet fit for "collaborative survival" (Anna Tsing).

If not, their undoing will truly be our undoing.


Materials are collected from special places around the world: India and Andaman Islands, California, Brazil Amazon rainforest, Thailand, England, Sweden, Estonia and Finland.


Fragments of Paradise Lost is installation and will be experimental documentary video works Breath, Coexistence, Cut, Vision, photographs  and a sound piece.









Still images from Fragments of Paradise - Lost video Breath




Amazon rainforests are the Tropical Rainforest - more than any other in the global imaginary. And for much of modern history it has been emblematic of ”nature” in its rawest, most pristine, unadulterated state. Presenting opportunity to experience a paradise on earth. However, anthropologists and archaeologists have begun to paint a more complicated picture of Amazonian forests.


As a place it has many faces and layers of human and non-human history and changes. The region's forested landscapes have been shaped by human populations since hunter-gatherers first arrived in lowland South America. As I walked in the forest with my camera, I tried to capture it as a multi-dimensional presence with many layers of plants, soils, stories, sounds, smells, changes, knowledges and beings coexisting. It felt almost impossible to capture it’s essence.


Coexistence is a collection of subjective thoughts and moments in the forest, combined with scientific knowledge and dreams affected by Amazon forest in a form of essay film.


Full HD video installation 22:44 min, 2018




Still image from Fragments of Paradise - Lost video Coexistence

Still image from Fragments of Paradise - Lost video Coexistence

Still image from Fragments of Paradise - Lost video Coexistence