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26.4.2019 - 1.3.2020


Coexistence / Yhteiseloa


Finnish Contemporary Museum Kiasma, Helsinki


6.12.2019 -


Salt of My Eyes


The Earth Gallery of Emil Filla, curated by Tereza Zachova, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic







Working with project Hydrologic.


The final result will be videos, installations, artist book and sound pieces.


Working titles:


Do Rivers Really Ever End


Suo - Swamp


H2O - Creatures - Olennot


Rain Dances


Salt of My Eyes


Bringing together poetics, mythology, indigenous knowledges, scientific understanding and artistic perspectives on water circulation - hydrology. Weaving together feminism, elemental thinking and water based ecosystem changes.


What is still uncovered in flow of life giving rivers, seas and the poetic layers of the swamp’s mud, in between flow of water, plants, beings and decomposition. How to communicate through dreams with more than human species living in the waters and the sea?